Bio Bulgaria

A Bulgarian company
specialized in the production and trade
of organic foods

Leading the organic foods movement in Bulgaria


We produce organic foods of the greatest quality.


We distribute and sell our products to the best shops, producers, caterers in Bulgaria and we export abroad.


We take good care of the reputation and popularity of the brands in our portfolio via social media, events and different partnerships.

Our Mission

To deliver the best traditional foods produced with no compromise in the quality of the content. To serve as a good case in point that environmentally and socially responsible food business can give excellent value to its owners, partners, clients and employees.

Our Story

We started our business in 2006 in an effort to save the only two organic cow farms in Bulgaria and from there we grew organically - from distributors to marketers of our own brand, than as a retailer with organic shop chain, later on as a producer and finally as the core of a network of partners who offer the highest quality regional food products in Bulgaria and abroad.

Our Owners

Our company was founded and is still owned by a young couple - Magdalena Maleeva, a former Top 5 in the world professional tennis player and her husband Lubomir Nokov, an enterpreneur with a backgound in communications, both strongly involved in environmental and health projects in Bulgaria. Metodi Metodiev, who joined as a partner later on, brought his experience in food production and a great talent for taste and quality.

Our Products

We have a portfolio of over 400 organic products on the market. About 50 of them are produced in Bulgaria and are sold under our brands. Our best selling foods are dairy, eggs, boza, chocolate. We operate our own dairy plant near Sofia, producing a variety of foods, such as yogurt, milk and cheese.

Our Brands:

Harmonica, Koshnitsa

Harmonica Koshnitsa

Our Clients in Bulgaria

We deliver directly to over 600 POS in Bulgarian big cities. We work with all the major supermarket chains, all the organic stores, many independent shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, embassies.


All our products can be found in our sister stores - Biomag.



Our Partners Abroad

A lot of our special organic products, mostly the Harmonica portfolio, have been successfully exported to different countries in Europe and the Middle East. As a small and dynamic company we are ready to put all the necessary effort in our export projects.

Our Structure

Our Key Figures

  • 400 ha of organic land used for our production in 2015
  • 55 people team in 2015
  • 17 production lines for our production in 2015

Our Certification